Machina character design
Name in Japanese マキナ
Rōmaji Translation Makina
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yūko Gotō
Voice Actor (English) Caitlin Glass
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Dragon
Affiliation ISDA, Lindworm Unit

Machina (マキナ Makina?) is Akira's Dragon partner, who acts like a big sister towards Akira, correcting her speech and keeping her in check. She states that she follows Akira because she wants to, not because Akira is her master. When Akira dies, Machina goes berserk in response, but later encases herself and Akira in ice, though merges with Thanatos as part of its soul a year later. When Thanatos leaves Earth to be in peace, Akira and Machina's spirits are seen as the two of them smile at each other as they knew that humans and dragons can live in peace, and with that their spirits flew away.[1]

Machina is a water type dragon. She has the ability to manipulate water when in her Communicator form. In her dragon form, she can attack with liquid whips and also with concentrated balls of water, along with unleashing countless ice crystals from her wings. These attacks seem particularly effective against fire-type elements.



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