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Kasuga Nozaki
Kasuga Nozaki.jpg
Name in Japanese ノザキ・カスガ
Rōmaji Translation Nozaki Kasuga
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hozumi Gōda
Voice Actor (English) Duncan Brannan
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation ISDA

Kasuga Nozaki (ノザキ・カスガ Nozaki Kasuga?) is the head of the D-Project's research group. He is credited to being the man responsible for the rapid advancement in Dragon research for the past two years. He is later revealed to be the third original dragon, but clashes with the fourth original dragon, after the latter realizes Kasuga has sided with humans. He had been sent to Earth to retrieve the Earth-born dragons, but suffered from guilt over the lives he had taken when he collided with the shuttle two years ago. Yuuri, who later recognizes his dragon form as the same one she saw two years ago, calls him "Atrum" (アトルム Atorumu?). Kasuga had apparently completed a Resonance with her at that time, and is very protective of her. He considers the Earth-made dragons his "children", and his top priority is to see the remaining eggs hatch safely. After the one-year time skip, he is revealed to possess the Stigmata. In the end of the anime, he sacrifices himself, blowing up massive amounts of Dragons due to the Anti-Thanatos factor he absorbed earlier, and allowing Jin, Toa, and Gio to enter Thanatos.[1]