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Kō Yonamine
Kō Yonamine.jpg
Name in Japanese ヨナミネ・コウ
Rōmaji Translation Yonamine Kō
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Taiten Kusunoki
Voice Actor (English) Eric Vale
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Human

Kō Yonamine (ヨナミネ・コウ Yonamine Kō?) is a reporter working with Yuuri Kitajima, often gathering information for her. He seems to have had a past relationship with Yuuri, who is often annoyed with his advances. Kō also appears to be gathering information for Raina. He later helps Jin, claiming that it is for the sake of someone very dear to him. It is later revealed that he is working for an unknown agency.

In the official Dragonaut site, a whole section is dedicated to his reports of each episode's story (which are written in his point of view; revealing some information not shown in the episodes).