Name in Japanese ハウリングスター
Rōmaji Translation Hauringusutā
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tomokazu Sugita
Voice Actor (English) Brad Hawkins
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation ISDA, Lindworm Unit

Howlingstar (ハウリングスター Hauringusutā?) is Raina's Dragon partner and the leader of the Communicators in the Lindworm Unit. He is the most energetic of his fellow Communicators and often likes to show off his skills. He is a spear type Dragon. He can create a massive spear as his weapon of choice. In his dragon form, he is red colored with his wings forming two half-cones, that he can combine to make his finishing move, a high speed charge that pierces through the enemy.


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