The Gillard New Emirates (ジルアード新首長国Jiruādo Shin Shuchō Koku?) is a private nation headed by Prince Asim. Despite being a small country, the development of space exploration technology increased the country's financial base. The development of Martian facilities is one of their top priorities as Asim already resides in a palace built on the planet.

In their cooperation with the ISDA, the Gillard military is tasked with handling counter-terrorism. Though they appear to be cooperative with the ISDA, they are actually after the secret behind the Resonance process. After the one-year timeskip, they have apparently taken charge of the ISDA.

One of their most significant forces are mass-produced, lobotomized dragons called Agathion, which are remotely controlled because the Gillard military lacks the knowledge of resonance.

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