Dragonaut -The Resonance- Wiki
Name in Japanese ベルルム
Rōmaji Translation Berurumu
Appears in Manga
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Dragon

Belurum (ベルルム Berurumu?) is a Dragon that hatched at the same time as Toa, and calls her his sister. He is able to take Communicator form after completing a Resonance with Jin's sister Ai, whom he claims to have killed, directly after hatching. However, Ai had actually died because when she reacted fearfully of Belurum, she tried to reach for Jin, but instead was touched by a Dragon egg's tentacle, dying as a result. Due to this, he came to think it was his fault, soon turning that guilt into a hatred for all humans, wanting their complete destruction, especially humans with Resonances; he believes that they will end up abandoning their Dragon partners. He seems to have the ability to be able to disrupt the connection between an artificially made Dragon and their partners, and to also make those dragons do his bidding.