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Baisil Sakaki
Baisil Sakaki.jpg
Name in Japanese ベイゼル・サカキ
Rōmaji Translation Beizeru Sakaki
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) George Nakata
Voice Actor (English) Robert McCollum
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation ISDA

Baisil Sakaki (ベイゼル・サカキBeizeru Sakaki?) is a soldier working for the ISDA as the Dragonauts' military commander. He had been the one that suggested the use of Dragons in destroying Thanatos and believes that the D-Project should go public. He remains to work for the ISDA even after it falls under Gillard command, believing all Dragons are a threat to Earth's safety. Despite this, he uses a Dragon, who looks like his deceased daughter, to capture other dragons. Though he considers her to be a tool, he sometimes shows concern for her, even admitting his love for her when she chooses to stay by his side. He witnessed the death of his wife (Martina) and daughter (Laura), who were on the same shuttle flight as Jin's family.