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Asim Jamar
Asim Jamar.jpg
Name in Japanese アーシム・ジャマール
Rōmaji Translation Āshimu Jamāru
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mamoru Miyano
Voice Actor (English) Jerry Jewell
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Gillard New Emirates

Asim Jamar (アーシム・ジャマール Āshimu Jamāru?) is the second Prince of Gillard, having received his title after the death of the previous prince, and the commander of the Gillard military. He acts on his own selfish desires, caring little for others. He is also quite narcissistic, claiming that he is a chosen human, above all others. He is initially interested in Gio, but later takes more interest in Toa, finding her power and origins more exciting. He later dies with Garnet in a huge explosion created by Gio, however, the two reappear a year later as part of Thanatos' soul. Fifteen years prior to the story's beginning, Asim had resonated with Garnet's dragon egg.[1]