Amadeus profile
Name in Japanese アマデウス
Rōmaji Translation Amadeusu
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Eiji Maruyama
Voice Actor (English) Mark Stoddard
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation ISDA, Lindworm Unit

Amadeus (アマデウス Amadeusu?) is Sieglinde's Dragon partner, who seems to act more like her butler. Despite his elderly looks, he is a competent fighter and cares deeply for Sieglinde, constantly worrying for her safety.

His name is based on the name of Sieglinde's now-deceased dog, and his appearance is similar to Sieglinde's grandfather.[1]


Amadeus (center)

He is a gravity type dragon. He is able to unleash large bursts of gravity in his Communicator form. He has a bulky form as a dragon resembling a bomber, which does not hinder his ability to fly, and he attacks with bursts of gravity waves.



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